Vicky Tsorlinis - BBYOS Fundraising Star

Dec. 12, 2022

We rely on donations from many generous people and community members to fund our work at Blake Boultbee.  Vicky Tsorlinis raised $46,000 in 2022 through her Shop Local For A Cause and Book Sale For A Cause initiatives, and her hand-written letter writing campaign. Vicky was moved by the story of one our clients and recognizes the need to continue to support youth mental health services.

In Vickie's words, "BBYOS is a very unique agency that has guided so many out of dark periods in their young lives... Volunteering in my kids' high school for 8 years and working with thousands of teenagers left me with many impressions, the most important being worth. Every single teenager is worth hearing, worth listening to, worth struggling for and worth guiding to a better place if it is within our power to do so."

Thank you Vickie, for helping us at BBYOS to have the power to continue helping at-risk youth and their families.  We couldn't do it without your contribution.


Thank You Wanderue!

Wanderue raised $6,000 for BBYOS through their one-day virtual wellness festival, on April 10, 2021. The Wanderue: Your path to discovery festival explored a wide range of tools and practices that promote a vibrant and meaningful life through learning and exploration across 5 streams: Movement, Stillness, Nutrition, Wisdom and Science & technology (

Yellow Bus Golf Marathon a Big Success

Oct. 2, 2020

The Yellow Bus Foundation has been one of Blake Boultbee's most important sponsors over the past 10 years thanks in large part to their annual 100-hole golf marathon. That's right.  100 holes of golf in one very long and fun day. Rod Cohen, BBYOS Executive Director, participated in the marathon for the 10th year running.  Thank you to the more than 120 friends and supporters of Blake Boultbee who donated a total of $25,000 on our behalf to the September 2018 Golf Marathon.  The Yellow Bus Foundation raised more than $526,000 for several charities, including about $80,000 for BBYOS.

In Our Backyard - Transformation on Blake Street

June 20, 2018

Over a couple weeks in June 2018 more than 50 volunteers totally transformed our little house on Blake Street. New paint, new carpets and kitchen flooring, new lighting, new artwork on the walls, rebuilt front porch, and a well equipped kitchen for our Boys and Girls Groups.  The house where we serve the community has never looked so good.  Best of all, our clients love the transformation - it makes them feel valued.

The In Our Backyard Revitalization Project was the brainchild of 5 amazing Riverdale women - Gillian Irving, Amy Halpenny, Anke Simpson, Tamara Stevenson-Grant and Rahat Pye.  Together they raised $50,000 in a few short months and inspired 50 community volunteers to donate their time and skills to the project.

Check out the June 10, 2018 Global News article.