Vicky Tsorlinis is a Very Special BBYOS Supporter

April 21, 2021

We rely on donations from many generous people to fund our work at Blake Boultbee.  Vicky Tsorlinis is a very special BBYOS supporter who has pledged to raise $25,000 in 2020-21 because she was moved by the story of one our clients. To date Vicky has raised more than $19,120 through a hand-written letter campaign, book sales and hand-crafted scarves for men and women.

In Vickie's words, "BBYOS is a very unique agency that has guided so many out of dark periods in their young lives... Volunteering in my kids' high school for 8 years and working with thousands of teenagers left me with many impressions, the most important being worth. Every single teenager is worth hearing, worth listening to, worth struggling for and worth guiding to a better place if it is within our power to do so."

Thank you Vickie, for helping us at BBYOS to have the power to continue helping at-risk youth and their families.  We couldn't do it without your contribution.