Q. What does BBYOS do?

A. BBYOS provides long-term psychotherapy and counselling for high-risk, vulnerable youth and families in Toronto. We help our clients deal with a variety of issues, including: crippling mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts; poverty, sexual and physical abuse, interpersonal relationships, healthy sexuality, gender identity, and violent and anti-social behavior.

Q. I need help right away. What should I do?

A. If it’s an emergency, click here for a list of emergency services that can help right away. If it’s not an emergency, call us at 416-465-1410 or contact us.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We’re at 41 Blake Street, a few doors north of Boultbee Street. Blake Street is one block west of Jones Avenue, between Danforth Avenue and Gerrard Street.

Q. Do I have to pay?

A. Our services are free of charge.

Q. How quickly can I see a therapist?

A. The timing depends on how busy we are but we should be able to see you within a week.

Q. What languages do you provide services in?

A. We are a very small agency (two staff) and unfortunately only offer counselling in English.

Q. What type of expertise do you have on staff?

A. We have two highly trained counsellors with many years of experience working with young people and families on all manner of mental health issues, social, life skills and relational concerns.

Q. What information do you need from me?

A. Whatever information that you want to bring in to talk about or share, whatever you feel is relevant. There is nothing required beyond the desire to reach out for help.

Q. What therapeutic services do you provide for my child?

A. Individual and family psychotherapy and counselling, crisis intervention, life skills training, parent specific counselling, and referrals when deemed necessary.

Q. Can my child continue to receive therapeutic counselling after turning 18?

A. Yes! At BBYOS we believe people seeking help need a therapeutic relationship without time constraints and limitations, one that is based on an ongoing commitment to help them through the trials and tribulations of making serious, sustainable changes in their lives. We work intensively with young people and families over several years, for as long as it takes. Once you are a client we will work with you until you decide you are done. We have clients that started with us as teens and have continued or come back to us years laters as adults/parents.

Q. How is BBYOS governed to ensure accountability and fiscal responsibility?

A. BBYOS is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are responsible for financial oversight of the agency. One of BBYOS’s operation goals is to maintain as little administrative cost as possible so that more than 90 percent of all funds raised are dedicated to the counselling and psychotherapy treatment for clients.

Q. Who are your funders and donors?

A. BBYOS relies exclusively on private donations by charitable foundations, corporations and hundreds of individuals and friends of BBYOS. Some of our funders have been with us for many years, others come and go every few years. The BBYOS Board is constantly investigation potential new funding sources. Click here for a list of our current foundation/corporate funders.

Q. Why does BBYOS receive no government funding?

A. Prior to the City of Toronto amalgamation in 1998, NBBYOS received some funding from both the City of Toronto and Metropolitan Toronto. Post-amalgamation all funding to treatment-based programs was discontinued. BBYOS does not receive provincial government funding because of our approach – to provide long-term intensive counselling – does not fit the Children’s Mental Health Act criteria. Federal funding programs are focused on national concerns and do not fund small community-based operations like BBYOS.