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Blake Boultbee Youth Outreach Service

Bob's Story

Bob was a 15-year-old resident of the Blake Boultbee community who used to pop in and out of our office. He knew that he needed help with his violent behaviour, lack of self-esteem and motivation, and was frightened about dropping out of school. He was seriously concerned about his personal relationships, particularly with girls.

He soon disclosed that hed suffered years of horrific abuse from his stepfather.

During his first two years with us Bob was involved in a number of serious incidents resulting in awful battles with his family and in some cases, criminal charges. But also during this time we were able to keep working with him on staying in school, to focus intensively on his self-esteem issues and to deal with his history of trauma and abuse. Bob then entered into a serious relationship with a girl and so wanted to ensure that he did not repeat the abusive patterns of his own life.

After many years of regular counselling sessions, on his own and with and his girlfriend, Bob did complete his high school diploma, pursued his passion in animation , has become a very responsible father of two wonderful children, and is working full-time as a card carrying CAW member for a large food distribution facility. Bob and Karen are now living non-violently with dreams of owing their own home in the not too distant future.