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Blake Boultbee Youth Outreach Service


Who We Are

The Blake Boultbee Youth Outreach Service (BBYOS) is a charitable, community-based outreach service established in 1989. BBYOS provides a variety of services to high-risk youth and families in Blake-Boultbee, a high-density low-income area of east Toronto. BBYOS is a key agency in the area directly serving the 12-25 year-old children and youth, unique in providing long-term and intensive counselling, therapy and life skills training. BBYOS accepts referrals from social service agencies and schools from across the city, as well as client self-initiated and drop-in contact.

The Goal

Our goal is to prevent at-risk young people from getting into trouble with the law, abusing alcohol and drugs, and using violence to resolve conflict. We seek to help young people turn their lives around and reach their potential as citizens. We help youth and families to learn about and have healthier interpersonal relationships.

Who Do We Help?

Parents, families and at-risk youth who:
have been thrown out of school
are in trouble with the law
abuse drugs and alcohol
live in violent domestic circumstances
have been abused
lack positive role models and healthy relationships in the home.