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Blake Boultbee Youth Outreach Service

Helping Youth Through:
  • Intensive individual and family counseling and therapy
  • Community outreach
  • Life skills training
  • Crisis intervention

    • Rod Cohen's 'fragile project' - Natalie Alcoba, National Post
      Saturday December 17, 2005

      "...a small group is gathered around a fold-out table for a board meeting of the Blake Boultbee outreach service, the last best hope for some of the city's hardest kids. A young man interrupts, a brown paper bag in his hand. He nods at Rod Cohen, the centre's executive director: "Hey Rod. I've got it," he yells. Cohen never rises from his seat. "Just take it into the back and put it under my desk." The youth does, and leaves on a promise to return the next day. Cohen looks impassively at his puzzled board members. "He just brought me his gun." For Cohen, this is a moment worth reliving, a victory in his long, weary battle to save the city's troubled youth."

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